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F. Colombo Now

The design

A technical department with modern CAD-CAM software, simulating forging and integrated with the tooling department allows the design and construction of forging and machining equipment.
All equipment are designed and built internally after our customers have defined the technical aspects necessary for the realization of their products.

Tooling department

Equipment is made internally using modern tools such as milling and electroerosion machines.
The department is equipped with software for the management of mould life expectancy, changes and revisions in order to monitor the update status of the equipment.
This software integrates with the production management system and allows us to specify certain lead times to our customers.


We work in partnership with universities, research institutes and metallurgy laboratories to improve our technology, develop new designs, and to offer a complete service to our customers.


Milling and turning made with modern tools to ensure the highest quality of our products.