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Medical division

Over 25 years of experience in the construction of hip prostheses, orthopaedic plates and acetabular cups on customer design. The manufactured range is very wide and includes hundreds of shapes and types of medical devices made over the years. We use titanium alloys (ASTM F136 – ISO 5832/3 – ISO 5832/11), stainless steel (ISO 5832/1 – ISO 5832/9) and cobalt chromium alloys for medical use (ISO 5832/12). The quality is guaranteed by a strict real time product and process control system and by a system of production management for a perfect management and traceability of batches, products and relative checks. Everything is formalized in the ISO 13485, certification obtained in January 2016. F Colombo provides the following hot forged medical devices, complete with heat treatment, machining, deburring and surface finishes as required by the customer.

Acetabular cups

In addition to implants and plates we also produce acetabular cups of different diameters according to customer specifications.

Femoral prostheses

We produce standard and custom-made femoral prostheses. Among the standard products which are now a part of the history of global orthopaedic surgery, we produce different types including:

  • Muller (either smooth or ribbed);
  • Corail (either smooth or ribbed);
  • CLS Spotorno;
  • Thompson.
Additionally we produce about 50 types of prostheses made to customer specifications;
  • cemented;
  • non-cemented;
  • multi-fit.
The high quality forging of F Colombo srl allows the creation of complex and well defined shapes.


We produce standard plate tubes and anatomical plates made to customer specifications. Our range always contains the following types:

  • DHS/DCS plate tubes;
  • angle plate tubes (with different angles);
Our production also includes different types of anatomical plates for femur, tibia and humerus fixing made to customer specifications.