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The quality

The management of F. Colombo S.r.l. believes that the quality of its products is of strategic importance to the company's success.

The company organization revolves around the PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, and act).

The company is equipped with software for the statistical control of processes and products and with software for the management of activities related to ISO 9001 standards.

Control plans, frequency and type of inspection are defined for each lot and for each stage. These are performed on board the machine.

All data is collected in real time, thanks to the corporate network. This information is managed with statistical analysis to assess that it complies with the planned standards.

In addition to size checks, non-destructive liquid-penetrating and magnetic particle inspections are also performed.

The company collaborates with Sincert accredited metallurgy laboratories for mechanical and metallurgical analysis for product and production lots certification.

Since 1996 F. Colombo s.r.l. owns a ISO 9001 certification granted by Lloyds register and in 2016 F. Colombo s.r.l. obtained a ISO 13485 certification related to the production of medical devices

Click here to download ISO 9001 certificate
Click here to download ISO 13485 certificate